Exercise 24.5

A stereoscopic system is being contemplated for terrain mapping. It will consist of two CCD cameras, each having ${512}\times {512}$ pixels on a 10 cm $\times$ 10 cm square sensor. The lenses to be used have a focal length of 16 cm, with the focus fixed at infinity. For corresponding points ($u_1,v_1$) in the left image and ($u_2,v_2$) in the right image, $v_1=v_2$ because the $x$-axes in the two image planes are parallel to the epipolar lines—the lines from the object to the camera. The optical axes of the two cameras are parallel. The baseline between the cameras is 1 meter.

  1. If the nearest distance to be measured is 16 meters, what is the largest disparity that will occur (in pixels)?

  2. What is the distance resolution at 16 meters, due to the pixel spacing?

  3. What distance corresponds to a disparity of one pixel?

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