Exercise 23.20

(Adapted from [@Knight:1999].) Our translation model assumes that, after the phrase translation model selects phrases and the distortion model permutes them, the language model can unscramble the permutation. This exercise investigates how sensible that assumption is. Try to unscramble these proposed lists of phrases into the correct order:

  1. have, programming, a, seen, never, I, language, better

  2. loves, john, mary

  3. is the, communication, exchange of, intentional, information brought, by, about, the production, perception of, and signs, from, drawn, a, of, system, signs, conventional, shared

  4. created, that, we hold these, to be, all men, truths, are, equal, self-evident

Which ones could you do? What type of knowledge did you draw upon? Train a bigram model from a training corpus, and use it to find the highest-probability permutation of some sentences from a test corpus. Report on the accuracy of this model.

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