Exercise 23.11

Consider the following toy grammar:

$S \rightarrow NP\space VP$

$NP \rightarrow Noun$

$NP \rightarrow NP\space and\space NP$

$NP \rightarrow NP\space PP$

$VP \rightarrow Verb$

$VP \rightarrow VP\space and \space VP$

$VP \rightarrow VP\space PP$

$PP \rightarrow Prep\space NP$

$Noun \rightarrow Sally\space; pools\space; streams\space; swims$

$Prep \rightarrow in$

$Verb \rightarrow pools\space; streams\space; swims$

  1. Show all the parse trees in this grammar for the sentence “Sally swims in streams and pools.”

  2. Show all the table entries that would be made by a (non-probabalistic) CYK parser on this sentence.

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