Exercise 12.4 [windows-exercise]

Develop a representational system for reasoning about windows in a window-based computer interface. In particular, your representation should be able to describe:

  • The state of a window: minimized, displayed, or nonexistent.

  • Which window (if any) is the active window.

  • The position of every window at a given time.

  • The order (front to back) of overlapping windows.

  • The actions of creating, destroying, resizing, and moving windows; changing the state of a window; and bringing a window to the front. Treat these actions as atomic; that is, do not deal with the issue of relating them to mouse actions. Give axioms describing the effects of actions on fluents. You may use either event or situation calculus.

Assume an ontology containing situations, actions, integers (for $x$ and $y$ coordinates) and windows. Define a language over this ontology; that is, a list of constants, function symbols, and predicates with an English description of each. If you need to add more categories to the ontology (e.g., pixels), you may do so, but be sure to specify these in your write-up. You may (and should) use symbols defined in the text, but be sure to list these explicitly.

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