Exercise 12.29 [shopping-grammar-exercise]

A complete solution to the problem of inexact matches to the buyer’s description in shopping is very difficult and requires a full array of natural language processing and information retrieval techniques. (See Chapters nlp1-chapter and nlp-english-chapter.) One small step is to allow the user to specify minimum and maximum values for various attributes. The buyer must use the following grammar for product descriptions:

Here, ${Category}$ names a product category, ${Attribute}$ is some feature such as “CPU” or “price,” and ${Value}$ is the target value for the attribute. So the query “computer with at least a 2.5 GHz CPU for under 500” must be re-expressed as “computer with CPU $>$ 2.5 GHz and price $<$ 500.” Implement a shopping agent that accepts descriptions in this language.

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