Exercise 12.2

You are to create a system for advising computer science undergraduates on what courses to take over an extended period in order to satisfy the program requirements. (Use whatever requirements are appropriate for your institution.) First, decide on a vocabulary for representing all the information, and then represent it; then formulate a query to the system that will return a legal program of study as a solution. You should allow for some tailoring to individual students, in that your system should ask what courses or equivalents the student has already taken, and not generate programs that repeat those courses.

Suggest ways in which your system could be improved—for example to take into account knowledge about student preferences, the workload, good and bad instructors, and so on. For each kind of knowledge, explain how it could be expressed logically. Could your system easily incorporate this information to find all feasible programs of study for a student? Could it find the best program?

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