Exercise 14.18 [VE-exercise]

Consider the variable elimination algorithm in Figure elimination-ask-algorithm (page elimination-ask-algorithm).

  1. Section exact-inference-section applies variable elimination to the query Perform the calculations indicated and check that the answer is correct.

  2. Count the number of arithmetic operations performed, and compare it with the number performed by the enumeration algorithm.

  3. Suppose a network has the form of a chain: a sequence of Boolean variables $X_1,\ldots, X_n$ where ${Parents}(X_i){X_{i-1}}$ for $i2,\ldots,n$. What is the complexity of computing ${\textbf{P}}(X_1X_n{true})$ using enumeration? Using variable elimination?

  4. Prove that the complexity of running variable elimination on a polytree network is linear in the size of the tree for any variable ordering consistent with the network structure.

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