Exercise 14.15

Consider the network shown in Figure telescope-nets-figure(ii), and assume that the two telescopes work identically. $N{1,2,3}$ and $M_1,M_2{0,1,2,3,4}$, with the symbolic CPTs as described in Exercise telescope-exercise. Using the enumeration algorithm (Figure enumeration-algorithm on page enumeration-algorithm), calculate the probability distribution ${\textbf{P}}(NM_12,M_22)$.

Figure [telescope-nets-figure] Three possible networks for the telescope problem.


Figure [politics-figure] A simple Bayes net with Boolean variables B = {BrokeElectionLaw}, I = {Indicted}, M = {PoliticallyMotivatedProsecutor}, G= {FoundGuilty}, J = {Jailed}.


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