Intelligent Agents

Table of contents

Vacuum cleaner problem

Choose an action for the robot. Click on a box to make it dirty.

Simple cleaning robot

The robot will choose its own actions based on simple rules. Click on a box to make it dirty.

Rules for the agent to follow

The robot will follow the rules you choose. Click on a rule in the table to change it.

Percept Position
Left Right

In this simple example there's only one set of rules that works well, but in more complex examples it won't be as obvious what set of rules to use. How would we find the rules?

Performance measures

We can choose a metric that evaluates how well the agent performs on the given problem.

TODO: dirty/clean should be controlled automatically, reproducibly (seeded RNG), and then display a line chart with the performance measure

Evaluating multiple agents

TODO: many different agents on the same data sequence

Evaluating many data sets

TODO: one agent on many different data sequences (avoid overfitting)